You are what you eat

'Tis the holiday eat sugar! This year when you are packing away the sweets, there are a few things I would like for you to remember: Don't feel guilty! You live once, and you should enjoy every bite of food without thinking about it. If you died tomorrow would the first thing you say be "I shouldn't have eaten all that pumpkin pie?"

However, you should remember that sugar does do things to your body that you might not expect. The biggest of them all is sugar causes inflammation. There is an old myth that junk food will make you break out. Although healthy food is better overall for your body to digest, it does not make you break out. Unless, of course, you are rubbing it all over your face or working over a fryer all day where the oils cannot escape.

In general, if you have breakouts already, sugar will as a matter of fact, make it look worse. So the pimples that were there the day before Thanksgiving that you could easily cover with makeup or didn't quite bother you in the mirror could wake up looking angry tomorrow after all the sugar you consumed at dinner.

Another fact to consider is that sugar ages us and no one wants to look older than they already are. Skin is composed of collagen and elastin, which make our skin supple and soft. Sugar causes cross-linking of collagen, resulting in stiffening and loss of elasticity of our skin. The more sugar we have, the more our skin starts to suffer.

Water is your best friend! For your body and your skin, it is the key to youth and beauty. You should use the simple water formula every day to ensure you are consuming enough ounces. Just take your body weight and divide it by 2. That tells you how many ounces you should drink each day. Add 1-2 cups a day if you work out or for every cup of coffee you drink.

I started looking around the dinner table this year and thinking about how when I was my son's age Thanksgiving was the holiday I looked forward to most. We would pack up the car and head down to my grandmother's house. Dozens of cousins would be there with my grandma to greet us when we arrived. My grandmother always smelled like fresh laundry as she embraced each of us and squeezed us as hard as she could.

As a child, you always think your grandparents or parents will always be around. But when you become an adult, you wish they were still there and hold on to the memories they helped you create. So this holiday season, enjoy your family, enjoy the food, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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