Wild Brew has officially partnered with Lori's Natural Foods!

Today is an exciting day for the Wild Brew Team. Lynn and I have been working diligently since October on getting our product onto the shelves of local stores. We have reached out to a dozen places in Rochester with barely any response. Calling, emailing, dropping off the product to sample, and nothing from business owners.

It has been a little discouraging especially when all you see is people chanting about supporting local businesses. Just a courteous response would be nice. But with that said, Lynn and I are proud to announce that our product will be on the shelves at Lori's Natural Foods in the next few weeks!

Our African Black Soap is currently carried at Polished Parts Salon and Spa in Greece. This soap has been a hit with Jody Roides' clients as this bar is excellent for after wax care in those delicate places. It has a natural exfoliant of coffee grounds added which is beneficial for preventing ingrown hairs in between waxing treatments. Our soap has been in the salon and spa since November.

Lynn and I started to pursue Lori's in November as well by contacting the purchaser and letting her sample our products as an introduction. She gave us some honest feedback and from there we tweaked the products and packaging. After Lori's finished their inventory, we presented them with the new and improved products. They loved them and got the approval to carry our line!

Lori's placed their first order with us over the weekend and will be on the shelves shortly. Lori's is the store we were hoping to partner up with! And I hope this is the beginning of a powerful chapter for Wild Brew Botanicals. We will continue to push forward with other local businesses. We are persistent and will show our faces. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this venture, we couldn't do it without you!

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