We're like water and oil

With daylight savings upon us, it brings several things along with it. As we turn the clocks back it brings colder weather and what seems like an eternity of hibernation indoors. We start to turn the heat on in the house and car, wreaking havoc on our skin. You will surely begin to notice cracks in your hands and tightness in your cheeks and face.

Whether you have dry skin genetically or it's just a seasonal condition, knowing what to use on your skin is crucial to surviving the long winter months. First, let's talk about how you can tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated. They often can look and feel the same, but the ingredients you choose will make the most impact when chosen correctly.

Dry skin is skin that is lacking oils and is often your skin type, which means you were born with it, and cannot change. Dry skin has pores that are very small, almost nonexistent. The surface typically feels rough like sandpaper and will absorb products quickly. This skin type is usually prone to sensitivities and redness due to the lack of protection provided by natural oils in the skin. This skin type will need additional oils in your products such as Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil.

Dehydrated skin is lacking water, and is defined as a skin condition, which can be treated and temporary. This skin condition often gives the sensation of tightness and possible stinging on the surface. When pinching the cheeks you can observe a crisscrossing pattern where there is a lack of moisture. You must be careful treating this condition by choosing oils and products that will not clog your pores. Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water is an excellent ingredient for dehydrated skin. If choosing oils in your products, you should stick with light ingredients that will not cause breakouts, such as Grapeseed Oil and Almond Oil.

The following are the benefits of common oils you may see in skincare products:

-Almond Oil- Rich in proteins, this oil is beneficial for dry skin, and it may even help prevent stretch marks and protect your skin from sun damage

-Cocoa Butter- Softening, Soothing, and quickly absorbed. Cocoa Butter is resistant to becoming rancid and helps slow moisture loss from the skin by protecting it.

-Coconut Oil- Using coconut oil as an overnight moisturizer, can be beneficial for people with very dry, chafed, or flaky skin. But coconut oil can clog pores and isn't an appropriate overnight treatment for some people.

-Avocado Oil- This is a very stable oil with a high vitamin content. Suitable for dry skin and mature skin. With a high Vitamin E content, this oil helps to nourish and moisturize the skin.

-Grapeseed Oil- This ingredient is friendly to even oily skin and helps manage acne breakouts and lighten acne scars. Grapeseed Oil helps protect the skin from free radicals, which accelerate skin aging.

Choose wisely, my friends!

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