'Tis the season, to be waxing!

As spring break approaches us in Western New York, the weather here continues to get warmer and brighter. I'm not sure about the rest of you but, I find myself thinking of the ways to get ready for Summer. And that includes being hair-free. Waxing has been and continues to be one of my favorite services in the salon. And with another waxing season upon us, I am just as excited this year.

If you have never waxed, it is hard to understand just how many benefits there are to this service. When I started Esthetics 15 years ago, I avoided waxing in school because it was so scary. I avoided waxing like the plague because I was afraid to mess it up. And my very first week out of school and in the salon, I was put on brow waxing duty.

I messed customers' eyebrows up left and right. I was the person who would mess your brows up and let you leave without handing you a mirror. Just for you to find out in your car, where the lighting is just right how terrible they were. I apologize to everyone whose eyebrows I messed up. But from that experience, I became a great waxer. And not just eyebrows.

Let's first begin with who should not be waxed.

What Areas Should I Not Wax? Irritated, inflamed, cut, or sunburned skin. Any area that has a rash, recent scar tissue, a skin graft, pimples, cold sores, moles, or warts. Anywhere you're having dermabrasion services or have gotten them in the past three months.

Who should not be waxed? If you are currently taking or using the following: Acne medications, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Latic), Oral Antibiotics, Topical Antibiotics, Retinol., Salicylic Acids, and acid-based products.

The following medications may also cause increased skin sensitivity and could result in an adverse reaction to waxing: Antihistamines, Cortisone, blood pressure medication, blood-thinning medication, and thyroid medication.

It may seem like there are a lot of contraindications to waxing. And there are because a lot can happen if someone doesn't wax correctly. The skin can be lifted, bruised, and burned if not done accurately. However, if you do not fall under any of those above categories then you can reap the following benefits of waxing.

First and most importantly, you’ll be smooth after waxing. Waxing removes hair from the root which gives better results than shaving. And it lasts longer than shaving. You can typically go 4-6 weeks in between waxing once you get on a schedule. Waxing is fast and efficient. For example, a Brazilian wax takes 15 minutes, tops. This can save so much time getting ready. It’s convenient.

Waxing is less irritating: Epilation, hair removal gels, and creams commonly cause more irritation to the skin than waxing. True, you may experience redness post-wax—but it usually subsides fairly quickly.

And the more you continue to wax, the better chance the regrowth hair becomes finer, softer, and lighter (not rough or coarse). That awful feeling of leg stubble one-day post-shave? Gone for good when you start your wax routine. Waxing promotes fewer ingrown hairs. When you wax, your skin is pulled taut and the wax or cloth is pulled quickly. This allows for an accurate, less painful process (particularly if you book at a wax salon)—and lessens the chance of ingrown hairs.

And lastly, from my personal experience, I have been waxing my legs for ten years and my underarms for even longer. I only have to wax them once a month at this point. That beats picking up the razor every other day. So if I have convinced you to take the plunge into waxing, make sure you seek a professional with the experience. Don't let just anyone wax you, especially your eyebrows!

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