Take a chance on me

Spring has finally sprung...I hope. I am looking forward to so many things as the weather warms up and the sun shines bright in the sky. I am finally making the leap back into the salon part-time. With this jump, I have had to decide to invest in myself. And be okay with that. And what I mean by that is not worry about all the money I spent to get myself started or worry about the hours spent away from my family to get this up and running.

I am proud of myself for accepting this opportunity to get back into what I love. However, I will admit it is due to my husband, who told me over and over again to take a chance on myself. Because if not now, when? I do not want to look back and regret the chances I didn't take. I already do that enough, often wondering why I didn't move somewhere cooler and with better weather.

I will be working in the salon one Saturday a month until I am booked. Then I will add extra days on. I will be offering new services that I am so excited about, lash lifts and brow laminations. And I will get back to my teaching days and use my favorite product line ever, Dermalogica.

I feel so much joy when I think about the last year. Lynn and I have brought Wild Brew to life, which will continue to grow and hopefully become what we have always dreamt. We are figuring out what makes us happy and setting goals to achieve happiness. If you can look back at the last year and feel happy with your growth, I think that is a huge accomplishment. Even if you didn't reach all of your goals.

I encourage you all to think about what makes you happy. Think about ways you can push yourself to grow. Make some changes in your life and take a chance on yourself. It can pay off in more ways than you know!

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