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Are you one of the many people who have dozens of facial products in the bathroom but are not quite sure how or when to use them? Using your facial products out of order means you are not getting the most benefit out of them and ultimately wasting your money. This week, we walk you through the proper usage and benefits of each product.

First things first, if you don't properly wash your face, you may as well throw out the rest of your products. You spend at least 2 minutes brushing your teeth each day. Your face deserves just as much, if not more time. By washing your face, you remove all the debris from the surface. Even if you do not wear makeup, you need to remove the sweat, excess oils, and pollution that settle into your pores.

Exfoliation should always come next. But this is not an open invitation to exfoliate every day. Exfoliation is important because it prepares the skin for advanced treatment. It allows your skin to absorb quality ingredients more efficiently. Dead skin cells stand up on the skin like blades of grass. They are often in the way of ingredients being delivered directly to the skin. Exfoliation rids the surface of these pesky cells and allows the skin to look its best. Make sure you choose the right product for your skin. Many exfoliants can be too harsh and cause the skin to become overly sensitized and inflamed.

Now comes the fun part! Once you get the surface of the skin prepped, it is time to apply treatment products. These are the products that are meant to correct a condition you may be struggling with. Serums and ampoules are often your treatment products. These are intended to be used all over or in one area of the face depending on the concern. Maybe it is hyperpigmentation, acne, or even redness. These treatment products are great for under masks as well. When trapped under masks, ingredients are allowed to absorb without interruption.

Eye cream is something we often forget. If you are over 21, an eye cream should be incorporated into your daily routine. Twice a day! Your eye area is very delicate and one of the first places to age. When using an eye cream, you only need the size of a grain of rice and placed on the orbital bone underneath the eye. Anything closer can irritate due to the thinness of your eye tissue. I promise it will absorb the ingredients from the orbital bone. And use your ring finger as it provides the least amount of pressure which is important for this particular area.

Moisture and sun protection should be the last thing you apply to your face each day. Both should be applied to the collar bone up as you wouldn't want age spots all over your neck and your face still looks youthful, would you? When doing your nighttime routine, no need for sun protection but maybe a night cream or treatment cream? These are meant for when you sleep for optimum use.

It is important to use your products correctly to get the best results. And remember brands are meant to work together, which means if you like to mix and match product lines, you can't get mad when your skin doesn't reflect the results you were hoping for.

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