New Years Resolutions

With just a little over a week left until the New Year, I start thinking about what 2022 will bring. I'm not typically a resolution type person but, I do look at the New Year with a fresh perspective on my constant goals. It's a time to make sure I am continuing my good habits and getting farther away from the bad ones. I also choose not to be angry with myself if it doesn't feel as good as I think it should as I work towards these goals.

Of course, I want to eat better and stay in shape but often, the new year has me thinking more about mental health than anything. I am constantly asking myself several questions. What am I going to consistently do for myself? What adventures do I want to take? What does my work/life balance look like? I find myself asking these questions because these are the 3 things I am always reaching for or wishing I had more of.

When I ask what am I going to do for myself, it often includes self-care. I need to do more yoga and, I need to find some quiet time for my headspace. I need to spend more time on my skincare routine. I am not getting any younger, and boy does it show some days. It's not so pretty when you wake up in the morning, and you look like Kurt Cobain. I want to look like Jennifer Aniston!

Adventures are a constant craving for me. I work too damn hard and need time to play hard. Even if it is a weekend away, I am always thinking about where we can go next. Is it just a few days away in Vermont to soak up the beautiful scenery? Or can we get away to the ocean for a bit? These escapes keep me dreaming of more. Could we ever pack up, move across the country and start over? Hopefully someday.

Work/Life Balance. Now, this is a hard one to maintain and also a hard one to not get angry or disappointed about. Life is too short to bring work home or take your workday out on the ones you love. I tell myself every day, try my best to leave work and leave it all there. My husband and son are more important than wondering why a phone report doesn't quite look right. It will be there in the morning.

So as you embark on this new year, don't be so hard on yourself. And when thinking about all your goals, don't forget to look back at your old ones. They are usually still important to you and just as much a priority even if they feel like they are in the distance.

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