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You ever find yourself in a beauty store, staring down hundreds of skin care products and you feel like your head is spinning? If you are not a skin care professional it can be hard to decipher between all the product lines and individual products inside of them. You find yourself reading what seems like a million ingredients, a sales person is breathing down your neck, and you just want to choose your products and go. But choosing skin care products can be made easier, you just have to be armed with the knowledge.

Oily Skin- If your skin produces too much oil, the good news is your skin will age slower than someone with dry skin. You have this extra production of lipids on the surface that keeps the skin hydrated which in turn fights off fine lines and wrinkles longer. The struggle with oily skin is breaking out if you choose the wrong products that already have enough oil in them. You want water based products. Start by checking the list of ingredients and know that they are listed in descending order. If water is at the top, this product is made mostly of water and not oil. Oil-free does not always mean it will not upset your skin but that is a topic for another day.

Dry Skin- When your skin is lacking oils or lipids, your skin is considered dry. Dry skin is much like the earth in the summer. When it doesn't rain for several weeks you begin to see the cracks in the dirt. Your skin is very much the same except these cracks in the skin from lack of moisture become fine lines and wrinkles. The key to dry skin is providing it with extra oils and lipids. Often times a treatment cream at night over a moisturizer is a nice addition to your routine. Treatment creams are heavier and meant for night time use so your skin can absorb these heavier products while you sleep.

Combination Skin- Now this skin type can be tricky to treat. You have oily skin down your t-zone (center of your face) but your cheeks suck everything up and remain dry. Without buying several products for 2 different parts of your face start with these simple products. Usually your best option is to choose oil-free moisturizers so you don't upset that t-zone area but it might not be enough for those drier areas. Purchase a serum for drier skin that can be used just on your dry areas. Serums are excellent for spot treating, and do not have to be used on the entire face.

One thing to remember is that you are born with your skin type and cannot change it! However you can help address your skin conditions such as dehydration, sensitivities, hyperpigmentation and acne. And as always if you are still struggling to navigate the skin care aisle, it is always best to consult your Esthetician, they can be miracle workers! These are just a few tips about choosing products for your skin, we could talk all day about ingredients so there will be more to come.

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