Lynn and Madison take on the flea market...

Today was our first day at the Avon Flea Market. We got lucky as it was a beautiful sunny morning. Lynn and I brought the boys with us, and they also had a blast. Naturally they bothered us for money every 5 minutes to buy crap from neighboring vendors. And they also were not very helpful when setting up and breaking down.

Regardless of helpless kids Lynn and I had a great morning and learned a few things for next time. First, we need to get there earlier so we don't look like idiots doing a fifteen point turn out of our chosen spot. I also dropped the ball and forgot the folding chairs, which means we stood for 5 hours straight. Terrible mistake!

Lynn was smart enough and packed lunch for her kids. She even told me ahead of time so I could do the same. Instead I sent Brady to the concessions for nachos, a hotdog, and two drinks with $35.00. He came back with $.83. Note to self, pack a cooler and lots of food.

Finally, we bought a 10x10 tent to put together. We tried to put it together for the first time at the flea market. And to our surprise, 2 of the poles didn't fit together so we scraped that idea fast. And now Lynn has to send the tent back and hopefully find another one that works.

Regardless of our mistakes we had several people stop by our table and view our products. We sold to a handful of customers. Not as much as we hoped but, for our first time we were happy. Although Lynn and I thought it was going to be our big break! You can't blame us for dreaming.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey thus far. We hope you stop by the flea market if you get a chance. We will be there twice a month through the summer.

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