It is worth the extra money, I promise!

Are you someone who buys drug store skincare products? Or are you the person that doesn't always wash your face before bed? Today I am going to talk about the importance of a skincare regimen. I will also talk about spending the extra money on quality products and ingredients.

When I was teaching Esthetics for 12 years, I had the advantage of purchasing high-end products at a low-end price. I also had the benefit of continued education that allowed me to consistently watch how these products changed the skin. Providing facial treatments on a daily basis allowed me to treat various skin types and conditions. Watching products that were not always great for my skin work on other skin types.

So when I left the beauty school, I lost these benefits and was faced with purchasing products with a high price tag or switching to drug store brands. With the unknown of a new job and a similar budget, I found myself in the grocery store picking up face wash and moisturizer. My face was breaking out as it adjusted to new ingredients and had to try several to find what works for my skin type and conditions.

2 years later I am diving back into the beauty industry and have purchased a new skincare line to work within the salon. This means I get to use the good stuff again. I am currently in week 3 of using the products I used to and my skin looks amazing already.

Lynn and I were talking a few weeks ago about how the last 2 years have really aged us. Is it because of the stress of the pandemic? Is it just turning 36? Is it the cheap products I am using? Whatever the answer is, I already see results from using high-end products in 3 weeks. There is something to be said for a daily gentle exfoliant that doesn't tear your skin apart. Use a high dose of vitamin C to brighten your skin and even out your tone.

I have used any and everything under the sun when it comes to skincare. There are products from several lines that I love. But when it comes down to it, there is something to be said for spending money on quality ingredients. You should also think about how you use your product. Most people use too much every time and run out faster. Professional products usually have higher active ingredients which means you can use less of them. This leads to you needing less product each time, allowing it to last much longer than a drug store brand.

You are only young once. Take care of your skin and continue to care about what you put into it each day. It is worth the extra money, I promise!

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