If you want trouble, find yourself a redhead...

This week you get to know a little bit more about Lynn. I first met Lynn 10 years ago when she was my Esthetics student. She was a witty redhead who constantly thinks people are out to get her. And because of that, she has some of the best stories you will ever hear. If you were ever a student of hers, you know the stories I am talking about, and you enjoyed them just as much as I still do.

Lynn is a wife to her husband Dan and mother to 2 boys, age ten and eleven. She is a big dog lover and has been fostering Great Pyrenees for years, much to her husband's dismay. When she gets to relax, she loves to hike, camp, and read. For self-care, Lynn is big on crystals, tarot, and journaling. Bullet journaling is her everything. It allows her to write creatively, and she brings it everywhere she goes.

Originally, Lynn went to beauty school for Cosmetology, and during the "spa service" portion, she fell in love with skincare. She then decided to pursue her Esthetics license. After graduation, Lynn began working in a local salon, where she spent many fantastic years until starting a new career in teaching. Teaching beauty was a passion of hers, as she taught for several years until COVID hit shutting everything down.

With the pandemic, Lynn has been able to pursue some of her other passions like herbalism and holistic approaches to health and beauty. After having her youngest son, she started having severe sinus, allergy, and asthma issues out of nowhere. Her doctors were finally able to give her a diagnosis of Samters Triad, leaving her allergic to many standard medications. She was left searching for answers and was led down the road of natural herbs and remedies. Lynn started making herbal teas and tinctures to treat specific ailments. So starting Wild Brew with Madison just seemed perfect. While many of you can reach for Tylenol or aspirin when feeling down, Lynn goes for her homemade teas and tinctures to soothe any aches and pains.

Also, during her time at home, she has become a certified herbalist and is currently working towards her yoga teaching certification. With these certifications and years of trials and errors, we can bring you products that we believe in and feel confident you will too. It is not just about whipping things up in the kitchen. We feel passionate about this project and want to feel whole again like we did when we were educating students on the importance of taking care of your skin and yourself.

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