Don't worry, be happy

If you know anything about me, you know that I am wound a little bit tight. In my head, I want to relax. I want to be able to put down the checklist. And more than anything, I want to care less about how the house looks and more about having fun. Letting things go and not thinking about what if someone gets sick today or what will happen if I don't complete that checklist. But that small amount of anxiety keeps creeping in.

Because of my anxiety, I try to keep a Sunday morning routine that focuses on me and clearing my head. Here I will share this routine in hopes that it helps just one of you who is a little bit like me.

I start my morning with a cup of green tea with collagen. I put two scoops of Vital Proteins collagen in my tea. Collagen is great for replacing the lost collagen in my skin that gets depleted as we age. It is also great for hair and nail growth. Collagen is great for women because it helps strengthen your bones and reduces your risk of Osteoporosis. When I drink my tea, I take deep breaths and start to clear my head.

I follow my cup of tea with tarot cards. I shuffle them well and then close my eyes and think about what guidance I need as I pull a card. Sometimes I pull three cards when I feel extra stressed. One is for past, present, and future. Other times I pull one card after I ask a specific question or am dwelling on a change that I am going through.

When I do my tarot reading, I look each card up and journal about it. This way, I can look back at what was on my mind and reflect on how it turned out. By writing it down I find it is easier to let it go and put it out to the universe to take over.

The last thing I do in my Sunday morning routine is a sort of meditation. If I can't get to it now, I do it when I lay in bed that night. It is a relaxation technique so I usually fall asleep quickly when I do it at bedtime. I start by taking three deep breaths. After deep breathing, I start listing all the things I am grateful for. They are typically the same week after week (health, safety, etc.). And then I end with the things I am worried about or hoping for and let it go.

This whole routine takes about an hour. I tell myself that I deserve at least that hour for myself. And you can break it up throughout the day or week. When I do this routine I tend to have a better day, have less anxiety, and allow things to happen naturally. Even one day of less worry is good for me.

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