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This week we dive into a little bit more about Lynn and her self-care routine. It's good to hear what other people are doing for themselves, so you can gather ideas and figure out what you like and don't like about certain routines. Lynn's routine is different from mine but has the same goal: to clear the mind and project positivity.

Lynn is better at keeping up with her routine and will often find time to do it more than once a week. She has become a master at bullet journaling and meditation with crystals. And like me, she spends a lot of time in the tarot deck searching for answers and guidance.

Bullet journaling can be great for someone who is creative and a "to-do list" master. It combines both elements and can help with focus. A personal bullet journal is a quick and flexible system that helps you track short and long-term goals. You set up your journal into sections by month, week, and year. From there, you track what needs to get done. You also track significant events and milestones. While starting a bullet journal can seem confusing, with some patience and energy you will find a bullet journal is a great way to stay organized.

Now when we talk about meditation with crystals there are a few different ways you can do this:

1. Hold them in your hands. Meditating with crystals can be as simple as holding them in your hand and clearing your mind. By holding a crystal in your hand as you go about your meditation, you'll naturally swap energies and vibrations with the stone and feel its effects.

2. Place crystals on your chakras. Chakras are a series of energy points on the body that represent different parts of the physical and spiritual self If your goal for a crystal meditation is intentional and healing in nature, then choosing to focus on the chakra that aligns with your meditation purpose by using a relevant crystal is ideal.

3. Create a crystal energy field. Some people may not want to disrupt their meditation by having crystals touching their body, in which case creating a crystal circle or grid can be a helpful way to connect with crystal energy without the physical touch. Another option is to create a crystal grid on your altar to focus on before, during, or after your meditation session.

I hope that by sharing what we do for self-care and mental health you can try new things and feel just as good about them. When feeling anxious or uneasy about something, I find that these techniques help focus on something else. It also gives me hope when I pull a good tarot card and can put the stress from life out to the universe, even if just for a few hours.

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