At the end of the day, don't forget to take care of yourself

Every Sunday, as I enter a new week, I take the time to reflect on the past seven days and what lies ahead of me in the week to come. I am sure many of you have been doing the same considering how heavy our world feels right now. With the country divided more than ever and wars happening across the ocean, I take the time to stop and be grateful for everything I have. Often I take a few moments each Sunday to list the things I cherish and put a few hopes and wishes out to the universe for what I hope to come.

I have had similar chats with my facial clientele over the past few weeks. It is clear that they all have the same thing in common. We don't take enough time to disconnect and heal ourselves while the chaos around us continues to brew. I am worried that inflation and rising gas prices will hurt the business I have been trying to build. But, as I continue to pamper the wonderful people in my treatment room, they let me know that their service is very much needed.

I, like many of you, am combing through our bills and budget, trying to find any savings I can. And what continues to be important to me is self-care. I have said it time and time again, I believe with all my heart that if you don't take care of yourself, how can you be expected to take care of anyone else? Sometimes for my clients, that facial every 4-6 weeks is the only human touch they receive. As humans, we need human interaction and touch to survive. And to feel.

If you have someone in your life you feel is in need of that same interaction, treat them to a service. If you are going through your budget like many of us, don't forget to treat yourself. If you have a facial or massage every 4-6 weeks, that means you treat yourself about 10-12 times a year. You deserve even more than that so don't skimp on yourself. I'd rather skip a dinner out once a month or a Starbucks once a week if it means I get that hour to disconnect and relax for myself.

Selfishly I am also going to tell you how afraid I am that I have worked so hard to get back into the salon and build my clientele, all for it to fall apart during this scary time. So I hope you think of your hairdressers, nail techs, and massage therapists. It is their career and livelihood. I am sure they are just as scared to see how this will affect their households. Please don't forget about yourself when you think about escaping the day-to-day chaos around you.

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