This month, we have a lot of exciting news to discuss. For those of you that follow us on social media, you may have seen our announcements. Since wrapping up our summer and flea market season, you all know that we have been working hard to improve the brand. Many of our changes came from the great feedback we received from all of you!

We have selected our four signature fragrances for our candles, soaps, and body butter. Three of the fragrances will be available all year long. One of them will be a seasonal fragrance that will change throughout the year. We have officially named our fragrances as follows:

-"Into the Forest"- Scents of Tobacco, Caramel, Honey, Citrus, and Musk

-"Moondust"- Scents of Nectarine, Black Currant, Petitgrain, Black Locust, Vetiver, Plum, and Peaches

-"Wild & Free" Our signature blends give off scents of Geranium, Lavender, Oakwood, Warm Mahogany, and Cedar

-"Seasonal Fragrance"- Winter 2022 is a Fraser fir, pine scent

Into the Forest is my favorite! It smells like Brazilian Nut from The Body Shop. Lynn's favorite is Wild & Free, which smells reminiscent of the Hollister store circa 2002.

And with these new developments, we have announced our holiday promotions:

-Christmas Bundle- This set comes with an exfoliating bar, fragrance spray, candle, and herbal tea, which you choose as one of our signature fragrances for the body products. Our herbal teas come in Licorice Root, Valerian Root, and Passionflower. These bundles are 20% off until Christmas.

-Gift Baskets-Build your own Wild Brew gift basket and we will top it off with little surprises for your loved one that suit your choices. Choose five products then we will build it and ship to your destination. In the comment section, list your five products and fragrance. We will take care of the rest. Gift baskets are priced at $60.00, plus shipping.

And finally, we will offer 10% any regularly priced item until Christmas!

We have saved the biggest and best announcement for last. Lynn and I have partnered with two great local businesses where you can now purchase Wild Brew products! Iris Sage Aesthetics located in Spencerport NY is a local salon where our graduate Jaime Metz offers Esthetic procedures. Check out her Instagram page to see the amazing lash sets she does!

We have also partnered with Figgy Studio and Shop located in the NOTA area in Rochester NY. This is on Elton Street in a trendy location near other thriving businesses such as NOSH and the Gallery Salon. It is home to their own handmade jewelry and other local artisan-based goods. It is the cutest shop; you must check it out!

With these changes we continue to hope for growth within our brand. Thank you for all the support you have provide and continue to show us each and every day. It wouldn't be possible without you!

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Happy Fall Y'all! Lynn and I have just wrapped up our flea market season and have begun working on revamping Wild Brew. Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Avon Flea Market this year. It was a great season filled with interesting people to say the least.

Since finishing the flea market season, we have been brainstorming on new ideas from the feedback we have received over the last year. Our wonderful customers have given us this excellent feedback that will only help us grow the brand. We appreciate each and every one of you!

With that said, we began working on new packaging for some of our products. We love the apothecary concept, so we are rolling with it. Glass jars for our bath salts, teas, and body butters to start. It has been a trying year troubleshooting different packaging to meet the needs of us producing it and the consumer using the product. We continue to work on labeling that is long lasting and esthetically pleasing.

In November, we will launch new fragrances to be used in candles, butters, and soaps. We are eager to create signature lines that can be enjoyed and remain consistently available. We will continue to carry three consistent fragrances, including Wild Brew Original, that so many of you loved. Each season we will offer a limited time only scent for you to look forward to.

And in the start of the new year, Lynn and I will work together to create some new products. If you have any suggestions, we would love them! We have some ideas already brewing but would always love to hear from you. I will continue to submit a monthly blog for all of you and I hope you continue to enjoy Wild Brew and all that it entails. We are excited to see what year two brings!

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I am writing to you intending to lift your spirits this week. We are midway through the summer and I have managed to bring joy to my days even with the circus that is my life. If you know me, you know that I work 50+ hours a week with two jobs, attend soccer games, and stay up late to minimize the daily household chaos.

This summer is unique because my son is heading to Middle School next year. My husband and I wanted him to have a magical summer before he has to deal with the pressures of middle school and adolescence. So I found a summer "bucket list" for us to complete.

As I introduced this to my family, Brady instantly rolled his eyes as I suggested the first one to tackle was "bury a time capsule." My husband supported me and said, "you will do anything your mother wants, and I bet you will even enjoy it." So we began picking things off the list to accomplish. Some are easy, like stargazing, catching fireflies, and water balloon wars. Others took a little more planning, such as attending an outdoor concert, going to an arcade, or baseball game.

I was determined to complete as many as possible. Good thing I love a good to-do list. This challenge was right up my alley. And a much-needed distraction from the fact that I was working so much this summer and questioning all my career decisions.

The first one we tackled was the time capsule. My husband and I wrote letters to future Brady while he wrote one to himself. Brady went around the house collecting items for the time capsule, and I caught him writing a list of all the things he loved. One of which was himself. In his letter to himself, he wrote "I hope you grow up to be the best version of yourself." I thought if this is the only thing we do off the list, it's okay because just this one thing he will cherish when we open it back up years from now.

Now that we are weeks into our challenge, I'm feeling happier. We are taking the time to pause and spend time together, making the best of each moment. An hour out of the day to play mini golf or family movie night can make all the difference in turning a mood around. I feel like the atmosphere in the house is different. There are things to look forward to each week as we plan out the bucket list. The list is forcing us to try new things that are not part of our weekly routine.

It started out as creating a memorable summer for Brady but turned into just what I needed in a difficult time. I didn't realize that mentally I was in a negative place and now I feel like myself again. I hope you can read this and think about the simple steps you can take to do something that makes you happy. Even if it is just for the summer.

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